Lost Files After Windows 10 Update, Don’t Be Nervous

It doesn’t happen by chance that file or folder disappeared from Windows 10 after its update. In fact, many people have reported that their files are missing after Windows 10 update 2017. This occurs now and then, so we decide to offer reliable methods to help you get back lost files after Windows 10 update effectively.

How to Deal with The Lost Files after Windows 10 Update

According to search, many users said that they lost their personal files after doing a Windows update. What’s worse, some even said that their partition gets wiped after the Windows update. We know it is really annoying when you find the important data or files are lost due to update. So we plan to show you the practical solutions to regaining files missing after Windows 10 update 2017.


How Do I Do after Windows Update Deleted My Files

Our suggestion is getting MiniTool Power Data Recovery immediately after you found your files had been lost. Then, follow this tutorial to recover windows 10 lost files easily.

1. Install & run the data recovery software. Then, select a proper functional module from the main interface. For example, if your disk partitions exist and work well, please select “Undelete Recovery”.

2. Confirm the drive that contains the lost files and select it to scan by pressing “Scan”/“Full Scan” button.


3. Look through all the found files and folders and pick out the ones you need. Then, click on “Save” button to recover them quickly.

This is how you can regain the lost files after Windows 10 update effectively.

Files Are Not Really Gone after Windows Update

In some cases, the files are not really disappeared from computer; they’re just moved to another place or hidden due to some reasons. Now, we’ll show you other ways to retrieve lost files after Windows update.

In the first place, we advise you to search for the files by making use of Windows Search since they may be relocated elsewhere during the update.

In the second place, you should confirm that you are signed-in with your own profile, not a temporary one. Only after you have logged in with the correct username/administrator account, you can see the corresponding files.

Then, you could go to check whether your files are stuck in some disabled administrator account or not: right-click on computer icon -> choose “Management” -> select “System Tools” -> open “Local Users and Groups” > open “Users”. Now, you can click on the certain disabled account and uncheck “Account is disabled” to enable it.