If You Lost Data During Transfer, Try This

When one of your drives you used to store data is full or going to be full, what will you do? At this time, users may be divided into two types automatically: one part is those who will choose to enlarge the certain drive to solve the problem and the other part is those who would prefer to transfer all/some of the data to another larger drive.

Both ways seem to be practical, but which way is better for solving low disk space problem? In fact, if you have lots of free space on the same disk, enlarging drive is more convenient. But if you have little free space or your data increase rapidly, you have better choose to transfer data to another place.

Well, according to research, both drive extension and data transfer could lead to data loss. What we can do to avoid data loss or to make up for it? Now, we’ll focus on recovery of lost data during transfer. Please read following solutions carefully to choose the most suitable one for your case.

Lost Data during Transfer – Cases

There’re a few ways how you get your data transferred and lost during transferring.


*–You choose the files that need to be transferred, right click on them and choose “Cut” (or press “Ctrl + C” at the same time). And then, you go to the target drive, right click on the blank and choose “Paste” (or press “Ctrl + V”).

Before you paste the selected files to target drive, if any accident like OS crash happens, the cut files will be lost.

*–You choose to migrate the certain files, but you use an inferior program to perform that. In this case, data will also be lost.

How to Recover Data Lost during Transfer in Windows 7


*–When you lost files during cut and paste, you may as well use “Undelete Recovery” of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data in Windows 7.

How to recover files lost during cut and paste: click on module -> select drive to scan -> check files to recover.


*–As for users who lost data during transfer because they chose the defective program, we’ll also show them how to recover lost data.

How to recover data after file migration failure: choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” -> select original drive and scan it -> look through found files and pick out needed ones.

This is the end of data recovery in Windows 7 after data are lost during transferring.