iPhone security

iPhone securityAs we all know that with the increase of living standards, more and more people have purchased iPhone. Unfortunately, though it makes use of advanced technology, it is still not highly secure. As a result, to guarantee iPhone security, we will recommend several measures for insuring iPhone security. Here we list are some basic and easy tips that will help users make their iPhone secure.   1. The first and foremost suggestion for insuring iPhone security is that do not leave iPhone unlocked under any circumstances, especially when there are some confidential and significant information in it. Furthermore, users would like to realize iPhone security. It is highly recommended that they enable the auto-lock feature to maintain data safe to a large extent.   2. In terms of the auto-lock feature, it can lock the screen under the circumstance that the phone is left unused for a specified amount of time. The auto-lock feature serves two functions. One is to save battery power, and the other is to ensure iPhone security. Moreover, a pin code also can be utilized onto the top of auto-lock thereby enhancing iPhone security to some extent.   3. The passcode feature including “SMS preview” and “erase data” options can be set to turn on after five, ten, fifteen, thirty or sixty

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minutes after the auto-lock feature has been applied. Furthermore, the SMS preview feature presents a one-line-preview of SMS whenever it is received, and moreover, the erase data feature can be utilized to delete data stored in the phone if users input passcode incorrectly for ten times.   4. Although Wi-Fi connectivity, another necessary function of iPhone, let users enjoy high speed internet when they are in the range of Wi-Fi, it still cause troubles for users under certain circumstances. If users pay little attention to this before connecting to a wireless network, they are likely to suffer from serious repercussions. Therefore, we recommend that users check network for Wi-Fi secured access or any other wireless security protocol before connecting to Wi-Fi.   5. It is advisable for users to change the name of home wireless network so as to maintain data safe in iPhone. Via this way, it diminishes the chances of accidently connecting to another unsecure network with the same name and configuration. Furthermore, users can make use of the iPhone ‘Ask to join’ option to let the phone ask for permission before connecting to any wireless network thereby insuring iPhone protection to a large extent.   6. It is not recommended that users enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, which will not only help users save battery power, but also guarantee iPhone protection via preventing it from connecting to unsecure networks and receiving malicious information. Consequently, if users would like to deliver emails via iPhone, we suggest using Lotus Notes or a Microsoft Exchange server, and for domestic users, mail services such as Gmail, the SSL service of iPhone are available.

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