iPhone security settings

With the popularity of iPhone, more and more thieves target it. To protect personal data or business data better, iPhone users need to make security settings. Fortunately, iPhone provides users with some security controls. Let’s see an example:   iPhone security settings After taping on Settings – General – Passcode Lock successively, we can see the above interface where multipe security settings are provided. Next, let’s introduce these settings.   Passcode Lock: users need to turn Passcode Lock on. After that, they are required to set passcode. Passcode of iPhone is requested 4 digits by default.   Required Passcode: if users do not set a required passcode, data security of iPhone can not be protected well. To enable Required Passcode, users need to turn it on, and then choose a time range to decide when the iPhone is

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locked. Here, we take iPhone 4 for example. iPhone 4 offers a range from immediately to one hour. Users had better choose a suitable range, and both immediately and 1 hour are not suggested.   Simple Passcode: we have said iPhone protects data security relying on a 4-digit passcode by default. However, this kind of passcode is not quite safe. For better protecting iPhone security, we suggest turning off Simple Passcode. After that, users are requested to enter a new passcode which can be more than 4 characters including numbers, letters, and special characters.   Erase Data: users are strongly suggested turning on this function in case of data leakage. Once this function is enabled, all data will be erased automatically after 10 failed passcode attempts. There is no need to worry about data loss, because you can recover erased data from iTunes.   To protect iPhone security, all iPhone users should make these security settings appropriately.

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