iPhone network setting

As iPhone users know, the function Wi-Fi is available on iPhone, but some users may not know how to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network. Well then, we”d like to make a brief introduction to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi network connection.

Wi-Fi is a prevalent technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to Internet wirelessly by using radio waves. AP wireless router, as the access point of Wi-Fi, is a kind of device used to connect users to Internet. Some AP wireless routers own routing ability, while some AP wireless routers only serve as a wireless switch.

In most situations, AP wireless routers will automatically assign IP address for iPhone users and notify corresponding net masks and default route. Therefore, iPhone users just need to use DHCP configuration in iPhone. Nevertheless, if the AP wireless router just works as a wireless switch, iPhone users have to set IP address, net mask and route manually. Under this circumstance, iPhone users need to use Static configuration in iPhone and the needed information will be provided by AP provider.

Wi-Fi network connection
After knowing the information about AP wireless router, iPhone users may wonder the exact operations to connect iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. Here, the detailed steps are introduced:
1. Choose AP wireless router
At this time, iPhone users should enter Setting in Home screen and then click Wi-Fi. After that, iPhone will scout for available access point. When searching is done, some items are listed. Those items stand for available access points and some of those points need certification.

2. Select DHCP Price How much does TTR charge for hdd recovery software services? After evaluating your media and determining what type of failure your drive has incurred (Physical or Logical), the capacity of the damage to the drive, the brand of the drive, etc. auto-configuration
Generally speaking, iPhone will automatically choose DHCP configuration after users choose needed AP wireless router. Providing that certification is needed, iPhone users just need to input correct password. When previous operations are successfully executed, a symbol representing that the connection is successful will appear on upper left corner. Moreover, the symbol will change along with signal strength.

3. Manual configuration
In the situation where iPhone users have to set IP information manually, they need to enter the interface for AP setting. At this time, click Static button and then enter detailed information get from AP provider into corresponding textbox. When all settings are done, click Wi-Fi Networks.

Cancel Wi-Fi network connection on iPhone
After a long time of iPhone use, the list of saved wireless networks will grow.
However, to rapidly connect to needed wireless networks among the listed networks, iPhone users are supposed to cancel some wireless networks that will be no longer used, otherwise iPhone will automatically connect to those Wi-Fi networks. Users just need to take the following steps to cancel Wi-Fi network connection on iPhone:
Firstly, open Setting by clicking corresponding icon from Home screen.
Secondly, tap Wi-Fi. Thirdly, check the network name needing to be removed and click Forget This Network.

When users carry out all operations, iPhone will no longer connect to the chosen networks. It is noteworthy that certain setting can only prevent iPhone from automatically connecting to chosen networks, but can not remove networks from the list.

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