IPhone 5 features

Since there are a tremendously large number of hidden features and using skills in iPhone 5, numerous users are looking forward to welcoming the arrival of iOS 7, struggling to get more out of iPhone 5.
Therefore, to make best use of those hidden iPhone 5 features which are still inaccessible to users, we will recommend several hidden iPhone 5 features so that users are able to do more with iPhone 5 without resorting to other iPhone 5 accessories and asking the third party applications for help.
However, if users would like to do more with iPhone 5 via utilizing an accessory, we will give a list of some powerful iPhone 5 accessories, and the suggested iPhone 5 accessories on the list will work without charging any fee. Nevertheless, back to the topic, the following is a list of what we would like to recommend for you all.
Take a photo while recording video
IPhone 5 featuresBeing only available on iPhone 5, the feature – “Take a photo while recording video” makes it possible for users to take a photo without stopping video recording. And moreover, this hidden iPhone 5 feature – “Take a photo while recording video” does not take a full resolution photo, instead, the new iPhone 5 feature – “Take a photo while recording video” helps users capture a special moment in video and photo. What is more important is that it is quite easy to handle. Users just need to tap on the small camera icon in the upper right while recording video to get photos in 1920 x 1080 which is good enough either for most homes prints or sharing online. Under the circumstance that photos really play indispensable role, we recommend that users make sure that their iPhone 5 is in Photo Only mode. That is because the Photo Only mode lets users take a photo while recording video on the iPhone 5.
Let special callers break through Do Not Disturb
IPhone 5 features1As we all know that “Do Not Disturb” is a highly recommended way for numerous users if they would like to reject receiving unexpected calls. Unfortunately, in the situation where users need to be available to family members, friends or bosses, it gets tough to turn off a phone all day. Thanks to the newly added iPhone 5 feature, users are able to break through the limitations set by “Do Not Disturb” while keeping everyone else silent. Furthermore, “Do Not Disturb” feature is easy to handle. Users just need to add a group of names to the whitelist. After the operation is accomplished, callers on the name list will easily break through the restrictions set by “Do Not Disturb“. However, much attention should be paid because the newly improved “Do Not Disturb” feature can only be utilized to filter undesired phone calls rather than text messages.

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