iOS vs. Android

The intense competition between the iOS-based smart phone – iPhone and Android-based smart phone has outburst. Some smart phone users pin their hope on iOS-based smart phone – iPhone, while some users look forward to the good prospect of Android-based smart phone development. What are the exact advantages of the two kinds of smart phones? Here, we would like to make a brief introduction in the aspects of battery performance and marketization.
Battery performance Compared with Andriod-based smart phone, iOS-based iPhone owns a higher battery performance owing to the long-term research and test. As iPhone users can experience function pruning of iOS (such as dynamic desktop) owing to the advantage of integrating software-design and hardware-design, which is out of the consideration for battery performance. In other words, iOS-based iPhone lays much emphasis on battery performance, so many functions have been pruned. However, Andriod-based smart phone manufacturers have to adopt larger batteries or power-saving screen to improve battery performance. It is noteworthy that smart phone users need to pay high attention to battery performance, for it indirectly decide user experience, such as the on-state of Wi-Fi and utility frequency of GPS.
Nevertheless, most Android-based smart phones own user-replaceable battery, which can effectively

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cope with the battery endurance issues though it is energy-consuming. Though battery performance of iOS-based iPhone is high, certain device brings much inconvenience when it runs out of power. Even if users want to replace the broken battery, it is a piece of troublesome work. Therefore, both iOS-based iPhone and Android-based smart phone batteries own flaws.
Marketization In terms of marketization, iPhone Appstore is more mature than Android Market. The main causes are introduced below:
Appstore – the innovation of business model owns more mature payment modes. After a long time of iTunes Store operation, Apple has erected their complete payment system, and the system is gradually accepted by users, who are used to the convenient purchasing mode of digital products from Appstore. Therefore, the subsequent Ovi Store and Android Market can hardly rival with Appstore.
Appstore owns supervision. In the era where trashware is overflowing on electronic products market, Android Market has to try their best to dispose of numerous trashware.
The compatibility of device should be taken into consideration or not. It is unnecessary for iOS developers to think about different device configurations and screens, for iOS is developed only for Apple products. However, Android developers have to take multiple factors into consideration since there are many types of smart phones.
Low risk of piracy will be brought. Only through jail breaking can iPhone users install pirated software, but few users have conducted jail breaking. However, Android users can install pirated software randomly, which will frustrate developers a lot.

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