Download Internal Hard Drive Recovery Software Now

As you know, the interface of computer hard disk has undergone a long development history with the evolution of hardware technology. In addition to SATA, which is used commonly in today’s internal hard drive, SCSI, IDE, SAS and Fiber Channel are four main other types of hard drive interface. The good news is no matter what type your hard drive interface belongs to, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be a good choice for internal hard drive recovery software, which is powerful in disk data recovery.

About Internal Hard Drive Recovery Software

It cannot be too difficult to find the fact that a pile of disk data recovery software makes its debut on the software market. Offering more software may be a good thing for both users and software developers. For users, they have more choices than before when they find useful data are lost from internal hard disk. And for the developers, the features of other similar data recovery software could bring them wonderful inspiration in developing work.

But, just because of this, the demand for a piece of reliable internal hard drive recovery software becomes increasingly high. Why? That is simply because more choices lead to more unsuccessful data recovery cases. The fundamental reason is that much data recovery software for hard drive is not powerful or professional. Using the inferior software to repair internal hard drive will cause serious damage like permanent loss of important data.

Considering those things, we highly recommend that users should choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery or their boot disk to complete disk data recovery when necessary.

Repair Internal Hard Drive on Windows

If users need to recover data from internal hard drive on Windows computer, they need a MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Internal hard drive recovery software

Select a functional module from the software main interface after users know the specific usage of each module by putting cursor onto them. After that, select the target disk/partition to scan by looking at the guidance in software. At last, check files and save them to a safe location (don’t save those files to the drive which was used to save them before data loss).

Tips 1
If the total size of files users want to recover exceeds 1GB, please buy a license and use the code to register to paid edition. If the internal hard drive can’t boot normally after data loss, please choose the Boot Disk of MiniTool Power Data Recovery instead.

Tips 2
If you’re running a Mac, please choose MiniTool Mac Data Recovery or its boot disk as your internal hard drive recovery software. The only thing you need to notice is that the free edition of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery only allows you to recover 1MB lost files for free; otherwise, you need to buy a license.