How Can You Recover From SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of SD card is that it can expand the storage capability of users’ electronic devices. If you need more storage space, but not able/willing to buy a new device with larger capacity, add a large-capacity SD card would be an excellent choice.

However, as every coin has two sides, though SD card brings us convenience, it also causes some problems, sometimes. For instance, the SD card unexpectedly removed error is an ordinary one.

Look at SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error


This user said that the error message of SD card unexpectedly removed often pops up when he hold the device with SD card at a weird angle (for instance, when he lies down). According to what the user said, we suspect that he’s in face of poor contact.

What we want to say is that whenever you get such error on any devices, you should download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition – the free file recovery software immediately since you may need it to extract all files from inaccessible SD card.

Recover SD Card Files after Card Was Corrupted

When you really see the SD card unexpectedly removed error, you should be psychologically prepared for data recovery. Yet, you don’t need to start to recover SD card files right away after seeing such error message. Instead, you should do as the following instructions suggested to see whether the SD card is really corrupted firstly:

How to Confirm the Card Is Corrupted

You need to remove the SD card out of your electronic devices, such as digital camera and mobile phone. Then, find a normally working computer and connect the card properly to it through USB cable. Afterwards, you should tell whether the card can be recognized or whether it is working normally or not.

If the SD card can be recognized and works fine, it means that there is no problem with the card. But you’d better make backup of data saved in this card.


If the SD card is recognized but can’t be accessed as usual, it indicates that your card is corrupted actually. And what you should do is to use “Damaged Partition Recovery” function of the free file recovery software recommended before to complete SD card data recovery step by step under guidance. After the data recovery, you can try every possible means to fix your card.

If the SD card is not able to be recognized by computer, we’re sorry that you may not be able to get back your data from it. But you can still hire professional recovery agencies to try to recover them and fix SD card unexpectedly removed error for you.