The Necessity of Hiding Partitions and How to Hide Partitions

Computer users may once met this situation that some important data and information in their partitions were damaged by virus or people maliciously. At this moment, users must be very worried about the damaged or lost information which may cause safety problems of privacy leakage and computer breakdown. However, if users hide partitions in which significant things are contained in advance, they will not encounter such a circumstance.

As is known to all, the information and data saved in disk partition is not so secure. Actually, many potential risks are threatening the content in the hard disk. Therefore, users should take actions to prevent them. Hiding partition can protect the private information and protect important data from unauthorized or casual access. Here are three steps of how to hide partitions.

Firstly, users can put the important data and private information together as soon as possible. The purpose is to guarantee that important things which need to be protected are collected in one partition.


Secondly, right click on F:, click “Modify” from pop-up menu and then click “Hide Partition”.


Finally, users can click “Apply” button to execute the command of hiding partition F:.

If users have hidden partitions in Windows (any version), the partitions will be invisible to all the user accounts. If users don’t want to hide the partitions or make some changes, they can right click on the hidden partitions and select “Unhide Partition” after a click on “Modify”. Click “Change Drive Letter” and then click “OK”. The partition can be available again.

Thus it can be seen that hiding partitions is a good method to protect users’ personal information and important data from being stolen or damaged accidentally. That is because the content in the hidden partitions are rarely to be touched under the current operating system. In this way, users can hide or unhide partitions easily with Partition Wizard. Click here to know more about partition magic.

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