Hard Drive Partition Lost And Data Recovery From It

Both internal hard drive and external hard drive are indispensable for people’s life. The biggest feature of internal hard drive lies in its large capacity and that of external hard drive is the portability. Both of them are very safe for data storage when compared to other devices like USB flash drive, SD card and CD/DVD. However, users may find hard drive partition lost surprisingly after entering computer or connecting external hard drive to computer. What really happens when a partition is missing is that the partition table has been lost or damaged.

Recover Hard Drive Partition Lost after System Boot Failure

Since the only difference between internal hard drive and external hard drive is its location place. We should regard internal hard drive partition loss and external hard drive partition loss as the same except for one case: an internal hard drive can’t be accessed by anyone after system failure while an external hard drive can still be read after we connect it to a properly running computer.

Therefore, we should divide the hard drive partition loss problem into two cases: one is users are not able to see the hard drive, the other is users can access hard drive normally when find partition loss issue.

How to recover hard drive partition lost after a system fails to boot: since users’ lose the entry to hard drive in this case, they should be prepared with a bootable data recovery utility if they want to get back lost data from that missing partition.


As a professional lost and deleted partition recovery tool, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk should be chosen in this situation to help users recover data from lost partition. Then, they should change the startup settings in order to make system to boot from the boot disk. Afterwards, just choose a mode and display resolution to enter the main interface of software. At last, please choose “Lost Partition Recovery” and follow the instructions to continue.


Things would be much easier if users find hard drive partition lost in a perfectly working computer. No matter the hard drive is an internal one or an external one. Users just need to open MiniTool Power Data Recovery and then make use of “Lost Partition Recovery” to carry out lost/deleted partition data recovery. But remember, the free edition can recover at most 1GB of data. (Select the disk includes missing partition, scan it thoroughly, check possible partitions at the end of scan to search for needed data, select all the data you want to recover and save them to another place after pressing “Save” button)

If you also encounter partition missing problem, please get the free edition or bootable edition according to actual needs.