GPT disk partition recovery

GPT disk and MBR disk are two common kinds of disks differentiate by partitioning method. When we compare GPT disk to the older MBR disk, we can easily find more advanced features are included in GPT disk. However, human errors and system failures still show up in GPT disk now and then, leading to the loss of GPT partitions. At this time, the best solution must be GPT disk partition recovery instead of data recovery from GPT disk unless users don’t want the lost partitions anymore.

Brief Introduction to GPT Disk Partition Recovery

The most important reason that drives us to write this article is that more and more users are in favor of GPT disk and choose to replace their old MBR disk with a brand new GPT disk. As far as we’re concerned, this is indeed a wise action.

Prior to GPT disk partition recovery, we suggest users to back up important files as well as partition tables in case of sudden partition loss. By doing so, users are able to avoid the losses brought by unexpected partition loss as much as possible.

However, what if it is too late to talk about backup? In fact, there are generally two choices for users to get GPT disk partition recovery done: one is to resort to professionals and spend a lot of money on recovery while the other is to seek free partition recovery tool for GPT disk and recover lost GPT disk partition on their own.

A Better Way to Recover Lost GPT Disk Partition

From both economical aspect and safety aspect, getting partition recovery tool for GPT disk is a better choice for ordinary users.


After a series of researches and investigations, we finally find an excellent partition recovery tool for GPT disk which is called MiniTool Partition Recovery. This is actually the main interface of it. As we can see, it is useful in recovering both lost and deleted partitions. Users only need to click “Next>” button at the bottom to enter the following operating interface:


Here, users need to choose a disk they would like to recover lost partitions from according to prompt. After that, users are supposed to click “Next>” button to enter other interfaces in order.

In the following interfaces, we can assure users that they can just click mouse under guidance to recover lost GPT disk partitions easily.

Why not try MiniTool Partition Recovery if you are really pissed off by partition loss issues? Let’s keep GPT disk partition recovery under control for sure.

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