Functions and data security of iCloud

Being a kind of cloud storage and computing service launched by Apple Inc. on October 12, 2011, iCloud owns millions of users till July 2013. iCloud is the latest branding of Apple’s cloud computing service. It has previously been branded as iTools in 2000, Mac in 2002,

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and Mobile Me in 2008.Via wireless network, users can carry out cloud storage including music, applications, electronic bookmarks, pictures, contacts, calendar, materials, emails, notes, reminders (to-do lists) and other data storage. Moreover, iCloud can automatically upload and download such data. With the high ability to share data, iCloud supports cloud interexchange among different devices including Mac and personal computers.
  Functions provided by iCloud iCloud possesses many functions such as App Store, iBooks and iTunes. Users can directly download various applications, files, contacts and calendar from iCloud after they sign into App Store, bringing users massive convenience. Besides, books bought via iBooks can also be downloaded in the same way and bookmarks can be automatically synchronized.
iCloud allows users to wirelessly back up data. By making use of certain ability, users can perform edit and cloud storage whenever and wherever they want. For this reason, users can discard the old way of text editing and processing. At the same time, iCloud develops API for developers and provides API cloud storage.
  Photo Stream, which is a new function of iCloud, can store 1000 photos at most for thirty days and those photos can be synchronized to other devices including personal computers, Mac and iOS systems.
iCloud data security There is an extensively held misbelief that iCloud is quite secure. As a matter of fact, it is not the case. During the course of iCloud use, users are most likely to encounter scenarios where iCloud account is compromised and users’ location information is leaked out. In such cases, what can users do to maintain iCloud data security? Here, two effective measures are introduced. Providing that users find that they are at stake, they are supposed to alter passwords like Apple ID immediately. Furthermore, users ought to insure that the password recovery question is only accessible to them, so as to insure iCloud data security. The reason lies in that it is reported that nearly 3.4 million people in the US are stalked each year, and one interesting thing is that most stalkers are people whom victims know well. Via the application iMessage, malicious users are able to know significant information such as Apple ID. That is because, once users let their messages associate with an email account, certain messages can be downloaded easily by Messages app. Therefore, users are not advised to link their messages to email account.

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