Fix a partition on the hard drive

With data have been using more and more frequently, the storage place – partition for them is greatly affected as well. This partially explains why partition loss is an eternal problem that lots of users all over the world are afraid of. More than half of computer users are proved to be confronted with hard drive partition loss problem once. Some of them may have recovered hard drive partition by themselves or resorting to professionals. However, for a large number of users, it is a quite difficult task to fix a partition on the hard drive because they often fail to notice the loss of hard drive partition in time. Only in a few cases, users may have found the partition loss problem, but they just get no way to make partition recovery on the hard drive.

Free Tool to Fix a Partition on the Hard Drive

All users’ first reaction to unexpected partition loss must be trying to find a way to recover hard drive partition as soon as possible. Here, we want to inform users a fact that though they can turn to professional agencies in partition loss situations, they are not advised to do so because of the high cost and potential risk it may bring. Instead, we want to say that users can actually take a chance on MiniTool Partition Recovery – the free tool to fix a partition on the hard drive successfully for free.

Steps to Get Back Partition on Hard Drive

MiniTool Partition Recovery is indeed a good assistant for hard drive partition recovery. It allows users to recover partitions at a fast speed and in an easy way.


Step one: click “Next>” button in the main interface of MiniTool to start recovery to start recovery.


Step two: select the disk which includes lost partition and click “Next>” button to move on.


Step three: set a scanning range for the specified disk and click “Next>” button.


Step four: choose a scanning method for appointed scanning range and click “Next>” button.

Step five: select all partitions found out by the free tool and click “Finish” button to end fixing a partition on the hard drive.

Till now, all steps to make partition recovery on the hard drive are completed under the guidance of MiniTool Partition Recovery.

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