How’s The Possibility For Factory Reset Recovery

Background Knowledge of Factory Reset Recovery

What is factory reset? What really happens when factory reset is done? Figuring out answers to those two questions can indeed help you make more through preparation for factory reset recovery. A factory reset can also be regarded as a master reset. It refers to a full restoration of electronic device like cell phone or computer.

The reason why it is called factory reset is that after the reset is done, all parameters in the device are changed to become the ones set before it coming out from factory. By doing so, the performance and responding speed of certain electronic product will be greatly improved. Besides, if users encounter some intricate problems or virus attacks, they may choose to reset their product to factory settings to eliminate the rough problem. However, what if one user has done factory reset by accident? Can they find effective way to recover data after factory reset?

In fact, restoring your device to factory settings will not only delete the system parameters, but also remove all of your personal files, such as pictures and videos. Technically speaking, it will delete all information saved in the device. So we can say that it is kinda like formatting. Thus, factory reset recovery is similar to formatting recovery.

Carry out Factory Reset Data Recovery

If you restore your phone to factory settings unintentionally, please don’t get into panic. There is effective way to help you recover data after factory reset. Just follow the instructions step by step to save lost data.


First of all, get a free or paid edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and install it to any place except for the one with factory reset problem. Then, start factory reset data recovery by pressing “Damaged Partition Recovery” from the main interface.

Note: the most obvious difference between a free edition and a paid edition is that the free one can help users get back at most 1GB of data; if users need to recover more data, they have to pay for it.

Secondly, select the device on which the factory reset has been done and click “Full Scan” to find lost data from it.

Thirdly, an interface with a partition list will appear at the end of full scan. And users are advised to choose the one with a highest “Suggested” value (other possible ones can also be chosen) to enter by pressing “Show Files”.

Finally, check all the data users need (if they’re not sure which files are needed, they can check them all) and press “Save Files” button to save them to a desired locations.

When all above steps are completed, users can put an end to factory reset recovery. Please choose a suitable edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to help you solve data loss problem.