Do You Know How To Recover Files From External Drive

As you can easily find, today’s era is full of digital information. We often save personal and business data in the form of digital file. This greatly accelerates data storage and processing speed. Meanwhile, the development speed of data storage devices becomes faster and faster.

The internal hard disk of computer has been and will always be the most important storage medium. This is true, but we also can’t ignore the increasing importance of external drive like movable hard disk, USB flash drive, memory stick and SD card.

Though internal hard disk seems to be more important than external drive, the external drive may be used more frequently in life. Thus, files being deleted or lost from external drive is not a rare thing. We may meet it suddenly. Therefore, knowing about how to recover files from external drive would be great helpful.

Recover Files from External Drive with Free Tool

In order to timely undelete data from external hard disk or get back accidentally lost files from USB flash drive, users had better install free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to computer before they are actually stuck in data loss problem. In this way, internal/external hard drive data recovery and flash drive lost file recovery can be performed immediately after data loss to enhance data recovery success rate.

External drive recover files-1

Connect the external drive to computer at first.

Then, launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition. Put cursor onto functional modules to know their specific usage so as to choose the most suitable one.

Afterwards, select the external drive to scan by clicking on “Scan” or “Full Scan” button (the latter will take longer time, but it often finds more files).

The last thing you need to do is checking all the files you need and save them out by clicking on “Save” button and setting storage path.

How to Protect External Drive Data

In order to help users avoid the troublesome operations to recover files from external drive, we provide several tips on how to protect their data on external drive.

External drive recover files-2

*–Back up important files saved in external drive frequently to another normally working drive or to Cloud services.

*–External flash drives are not as suitable as hard drives for frequently updated files.

*–Each time when you remove flash drive or movable hard disk from computer, please make sure it is done safely. Never unplug the external drive while data reading or writing is still running.

*–Place the external drive under proper conditions. For example, remember not to expose it to extremely high/low temperature, humidity or pressure.