Safe Way to Extend System Partition to Optimize the Computer

Have users ever met low disk space warning when using the computer? Windows will send a warning to remind users that there is not enough space in the system partition. When this low space warning pops out, it means that the computer will be in danger of data loss and low work efficiency. This is because without sufficient space for the system partition, the computer will not be able to work efficiently and stably. In this case, users have two solutions:

Solution A: delete the unwanted files in system partition to get more free space. However, it is not the best way.
Solution B: extend system partition by using MiniTool Partition Wizard to deal with the issue from the root instead of simply deleting files.

Therefore, we recommend a safe and useful way to extend system partition without causing any loss so as to realize better partition management. Here is a display of how to enlarge system partition.


First of all, users can realize the step one by three methods easily.
1. Select partition C: and then click “Extend Partition” from the left panel. (see the picture above)
2. Select partition C:, click “Partition” and activate “Extend”.
3. Right click on partition C: and activate “Extend” from the right-click menu.


Step two: users can choose one of the three ways to get this interface. Open the drop-down list of “Take Free Space from” and choose a partition or unallocated space to take free space. Then, drag the sliding button rightwards or leftwards to determine the size of free space. After that, click “OK” to go back to the main interface.


Step three: click “Apply” button in the top left corner to apply the changes.

When those operations are finished, users have come to an end to the entire work to extend system partition without data loss. We hope to help users solve problems related to partition management with our MniTool Partition Wizard.

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