Data Security Is Important During Enlarging Server 2003 Partition

According to statistics, boot partition and system partition is the same thing in most people’s opinion. However, it is actually not the case. Boot partition is responsible for the starting of computer system while system partition is used to store system files and data. Usually, a disk partition can be both boot partition and system partition at the same time since many technicians are not pleased to separate the partitions between boot partition and system partition. For the sake of convenience, they often choose a partition and make it both the boot partition and the system partition. Thus, the space of boot partition will run out easily on Windows Server 2003 if large programs as well as Windows upgrades are kept storing in it. Well, can we enlarge server 2003 partition safely? Of course, the answer is positive.

Enlarge Server 2003 Partition with Disk Partition Extender

As for Windows Server 2003 users who don’t know partition extension, they will feel at sea when asked to extend Windows Server 2003 boot partition. Different from that of Windows Server 2008, the built-in disk management of Windows Server 2003 is equipped with no function which can be used to extend partition or shrink partition. What comforts Windows Server 2003 user the most is that Diskpart offers a command to enlarge server 2003 partition without reformatting.

But we have to admit the fact that the Diskpart will fail to take effect when the target partition is boot partition. To say the least, even if Diskpart can serve as a disk partition extender for boot partition, the data security will be put under great danger during operating process. Therefore, we advise users to employ a safer tool to enlarge server 2003 boot partition. MiniTool Partition Wizard seems to be the best choice.

Extend Windows Server 2003 Boot Partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard


First of all, users are expected to select the boot partition in the right mapping area. Then, they need to choose “Extend Partition” function from left “Operations” list. After that, the following interface will appear:


Here, users need to do two things. 1. Choose a place to get free space for extension (both partition and unallocated space are allowed). 2. Drag the sliding button below to decide the size of free space users will get. Afterwards, click “OK” to go back to main interface.

At last, users are able to end the process to enlarge server 2003 partition by tapping “Apply” in the upper left corner of main interface.

If you want to know more about different editions of MiniTool Partition Wizard, please go there.

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