Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Conversion for Windows Server

About Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk

Basic disk and dynamic disk are two types of hard disk in Windows. The former one is widely used in most PCs. It supports primary partitions and logical partitions to manage the data on the disk.

Dynamic disk, very different from basic disk in Windows, provides some features that basic disk can not provide, such as greater flexibility for volume management.

However, basic disk is more popular than dynamic disk, because the management is much easier than that of dynamic disk. So, many users intend to make a dynamic disk to basic disk conversion to simplify the disk management.

How to Carry out Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Conversion

Due to the limitation of Windows disk management, users can’t change a dynamic disk to basic disk without data loss, for it requires deleting all the volumes so that the dynamic disk can be converted. However, users don’t need to do so any longer if they choose MiniTool Partition Wizard, a disk manager server, which enables users to complete changing a dynamic disk to basic disk freely and securely.

The detailed introduction and demonstration are as follows. Please read them carefully.


Select the dynamic disk to be converted. Activate “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” from left panel or right click menu.


Click “Apply” in the upper left to perform the change. After that, users will see the dynamic disk has been converted to basic.

1. “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” function is available in all editions except free edition.
2. This software can only help users convert the disk which only consists of simple volume and mirrored volume.

We believe that users can deal with dynamic disk to basic disk conversion easily without causing any data loss with the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Purchase one to make use of other functions for better disk management.

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