Delete Partition In Mac And Lose Important Files

Both data loss and partition loss could become a headache for users since they may suffer from huge losses. And generally, partition loss is much worse than simple data loss. The reason is plain: a partition often contains many significant data. Imagine that you accidentally delete partition in Mac and you realize it not long after the disaster happens, you probably will think of turning to data recovery companies so as to try to recover files from deleted partition.

When You Delete a Partition in Mac

Here’s a case in which partition is lost and Mac partition recovery is needed urgently. How to recover files from deleted partition has now become a hot topic among both Windows and Mac computer users. I am now one of those users. I deleted a partition which has lots of my personal files and business documents and of course, I really need to get them back. Though I realized my mistake right after the deletion, I had no way to cancel the operation.

I am freaked out just by thinking of the data loss. It is no exaggeration to say that it almost takes my breath away after I discovered so many valuable files had been lost. When I’m calm down, I realize Mac partition recovery seems to be a good offset for the data loss? I want to say that till now, I haven’t formatted the disk for I know formatting will bring serious damage to data. How can I do to make up for my mistake?

Make up Your Mind to Complete Mac Partition Recovery

As far as we’re concerned, a powerful and safe partition recovery program is a good choice in the partition loss case. To be honest, this method is much more cost-effective than asking professional data recovery companies for help. And more importantly, this method is able to help you protect personal information from being leaked out. For users’ sake, we recommend MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to all Mac users to get back lost data when necessary.


Firstly, users need to get this software and have it installed successfully in Mac. Then, launch it to enter main window and choose “Lost Partition Recovery” module from it.


Secondly, users are expected to specify the disk where lost partition was and after that, click “Recover” to perform a full scan to this disk.


Thirdly, wait patiently for the completion of full scan. Then, choose the partition with a highest “Suggested” value and open it by pressing “Show Files” in the left. (If users can’t find needed data in this partition, they can go back to this interface and choose another possible partition to have a try.)


Fourthly, select all the data users want to recover and then tap “Save Files” button to choose a storage place for them.

Please strictly follow the prompts in each software interface to recover lost but needed files easily. Please don’t hesitate to obtain a MiniTool Mac Data Recovery after you accidentally deleted partition in Mac.