Defects of iPhone 3G

As a 3G mobile phone released by Apple Inc. in June 2008, iPhone 3G once stunned the whole world. In addition to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and 200 megapixel camera which can be found in the first generation of iPhone, many other features have been added to iPhone 3G: WCDMA standard, GPS service, longer standby time, etc. Although iPhone 3G is obviously better than the first generation of iPhone in many aspects, we still want to talk share some obvious defects of iPhone 3G.

Four obvious defects of iPhone 3G
Here, we are going to talk about four main obvious defects of iPhone 3G in brief.

  • WCDMA standard is not very useful in iPhone 3G
  • As we all know, the biggest difference between iPhone 3G and the first generation of iPhone lies in the support for WCDMA standard. WCDMA adopts direct sequence spread spectrum code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) and frequency division duplex (FDD) mode. In WCDMA standard, the chip rate is 3.84Mcps and the carrier bandwidth is 5MHz.

    Based on release 99/release 4 version, WCDMA standard is able to provide users with a high data transfer rate (which can amount to 384kbps at most) when the bandwidth is beyond 5MHz. WCDMA standard gives support for voice transmission, video transmission, data transmission and video communication between different mobile or portable devices. However, it is a pity that iPhone 3G fails to make full use of WCDMA standard.

  • Users may spend money on the GPS service of iPhone 3G
  • It is a common sense that GPS service is free of charge since it depends on satellite. However, the built-in A-GPS of iPhone 3G is a special form of GPS. Although the positioning of A-GPS is very accurate, it can only be achieved through multiple network transmissions. Besides, the positioning of A-GPS needs to be finished via GPRS network. However, the charge of GPRS network is too high to afford for a lot of users. That explains why GPS service is considered as one of the most obvious defects of iPhone 3G.

  • Although the standby time of iPhone 3G is increased, the using time for playing video and music doesn’t increase
  • In theory, the standby time of mobile phone will grow with the increase or optimization of battery capacity. The information on user’s manual of iPhone 3G also proves this point, which is worthy of praise. However, we find that the using time of iPhone 3G for playing video and music doesn’t increase even if the standby time of iPhone 3G is increased a lot. Isn’t the power used to play music and video included in battery of iPhone 3G? This question puzzles a lot of people.

  • The Bluetooth in iPhone 3G can only be used to bring users wireless music
  • In early times, only high-end mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth, which is always used to transfer files. Surprisingly, iPhone 3G does not support Bluetooth file transfer protocol when Bluetooth technology is widely used, making the majority of users feel disappointed.

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