Data Recovery Software Free Download And Activation

Have you ever met unexpected data loss during computer usage? According to research, we find the vast majority computer users’ answer to this question is an absolute yes. In fact, some of them even come across data loss issues frequently due to various reasons, such as unintentional deletion/formatting, virus attack and system crash.

But what we want to share in this passage is that you don’t need to worry about having no clue to regain lost data anymore. Why? The reason is simple: we’ll introduce one of the best data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Now, please let’s start with the data recovery software free download process.

Data Recovery Software Free Download – How to Do

MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers an easy way to free download it. Users are able to accomplish the download process by just a few clicks.

Choose the following methods for data recovery software free download:
*–Click on the direct download link of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0. Then, click “Download Now” button in this page and choose a suitable place to store this software installation package.

Data recovery software free download-1

*–Go to the download center of MiniTool and then click “From CNET” or “Local Download” to continue.

How to Activate the Best Data Recovery Software
After downloading the free software, users will finish the installation definitely in order to recover lost data. Then, if users paid for a license of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, how could they activate the software.

Data recovery software free download-2

Activate from free data recovery tool: if you experienced the free edition and find it is powerful and easy-to-use, so you decide to buy a license. Then, after you got the license, you could click the “Register” button from main interface and then paste the license code to finish registration.

Data recovery software free download-3

Activate from standard version: after you installed the standard version on your computer and tried to open the software by double clicking it, you’ll see a pop-up interface, informing you to input the license code to start using.

Just relax, you can finish the data recovery software free download and activation easily on your own.