Common Data Recovery Questions & Recovery Solutions

During normal use of computer, the hard drive always works fine. However, what if it stopped responding suddenly after you opened the computer? As an ordinary user who has no experience in such cases, you must be shocked and don’t know what to do to fix the problem and to restore data from hard drive safely. Have you ever met this situation?

Many users’ answer to this question is yes and some told us that they often choose to call the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of computer for support. Simply because this is the only reliable method they know for hard drive data recovery. However, after a couple of hours of phone support, the technicians may just tell you that your drive is failed and they may suggest you to let relevant technical staff check your computer.

But the data recovery cost of hiring professionals to find lost data could be extremely expensive and many users couldn’t afford. Therefore, we decide to show users some data recovery questions and how to make use of high quality data recovery software to accomplish the recovery economically.

3 Common Data Recovery Questions

Question 1: How about the Data Recovery Cost?
Since the data loss on computer hard drive could be caused by physical damage, logical damage, and the combination of both, so the recovery solutions are different. If you can confirm that there’s no physical damage on your hard drive, you may as well choose high quality data recovery software to find your lost data.

Data recovery questions

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good choice. It provides a free edition which allows users to recover at most 1GB data for free. That means you can regain all the lost data without paying as long as the size doesn’t exceed. Otherwise, you should pay some money to buy a license to break the limit. Luckily, this is more economical than asking professionals for help.

Question 2: How Long Will It Take?
To be honest, the hard drive recovery can be very complex; the time spent on recovery and the final result are all based on the hard drive used space and the damage degree. So it is hard to say anything for sure. But please don’t worry too much; as long as you choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you could get tech support of this high quality data recovery software at any time.

Question 3: Is My Data Confidential and Secure during Recovery?
The data security always comes first when users need to recover some private or important business data. In this case, we also advise you to choose recovery software over third-party recovery agencies. By using software to recover data, you’re the only one who can get access to your data, so the data is absolutely safe. However, it you hire others to do the recovery work for you, privacy leakage may be caused (it’s hard to say).

We’re sure that after reading those data recovery questions, you’re able to make the best choice for yourself. Please click here to know more about how to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery clearly.