Look – This Is The Camera Video Recovery Solution You Need

Digital camera (also known as digicam) is designed to record videos, audios as well we pictures. And the files will be saved on different storage media, such as CF card, SD card, SDHC card and memory stick.

Well, the capacity of digital camera storage media is often small. So some users choose to delete not so important files on a regular basis, while others choose to transfer files from camera storage media to computer/external hard drive (which has much larger capacity). In this way, more space will be released for the storage of new files.


Yet, camera video recovery attracts many people’s attention since video files missing issue happens more and more frequently.

Basic Knowledge of Camera Video Recovery

To be specific, a camera stores images digitally, not like the traditional camera, which records files on film. So once a picture has been taken or a video has been made, it can be transferred immediately to computer or other devices. Then, the files can be manipulated by a graphics program or be printed out for using.

Therefore, the big advantage of digital camera lies in it making photo taking & video shooting less expensive and it greatly reduces the time we need to wait for before we can see the final photos/videos.


According to research, the most popular brands of cameras at present are Sony HandyCam, Kodak, Canon Camcorder, Olympus, Panasonic, JVC, SanDisk, Samsung, Sanyo, Aiptek, and so on.

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Well, the biggest disadvantage of digital camera lies in that the digital video (or image) files may be lost easily due to various reasons, such as accidental deletion and unintentional formatting.

So here, we’ll focus on helping users recover lost video files.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Camera Memory Card

If you need to recover lost video files from memory card, you’re suggested to remove it from camera firstly. Then, find an adapter/card reader to connect it to computer.

Now, install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to computer and run it.


Here’s how to recover deleted videos from camera memory card exactly: choose “Undelete Recovery” from main interface -> select the memory card to scan by pressing “Scan” button -> look through all the files found by software -> pick out the ones you want to recover and press “Save” button to finish Camera video recovery.