AirDrop of iOS 7

As known to many users, AirDrop is a new function in iOS 7. It allows users to share photos, videos, text, links or other files with nearby iOS 7 devices. Well then, how to enable AirDrop and use it share files? Answers will be given in the following content.

How to enable AirDrop?
Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen, and then tap on the logo AirDrop to launch it. Next, set it to Contacts Only or Everyone. If users set it to Contacts Only, only people on their contact list can see them. If it is set to Everyone, all people in the vicinity will see them. Note: both wifi and Bluetooth should be turned on before users enable AirDrop.

Share files with the nearby iOS 7 devices

Here, we take sharing photos with others for example. Firstly, select and opening the photo we want to share.Then, tap Share Button namely 1at the left bottom. After that, select the device where you want to send the selected photo. iOS 7 devices with AirDrop enabled and in the same wifi will appear below the selected photo. In addition, all available sharing methods will emerge at the bottom, too. And users can appoint users and send photos to them. After that, the appointed people will receive a receiving prompt. As long as they choose to accept, sharing will be realized.

From the introduction above, we can see AirDrop of iOS 7 makes file sharing quite easy and convenient. As a matter of fact, it is quite similar to Bluetooth.