Accidentally Deleted Partition in Windows 7 – How To Recover

In some cases, Windows 7 users may discover some of their partitions in which important files are saved are missing mysteriously. And it’s been too late to realize the importance of partition/data backup at that time. But they don’t need to worry since there is still chance to recover accidentally deleted partition in Windows 7. And as long as users do as we say in the following content, they’ll increase the possibility of partition recovery in Windows 7.

Check Disk Layout in Disk Management

As computer users, most of us know the existence of Disk Management, which is a snap in tool to help us manage disks & partitions. As for how to open Disk Management in Windows 7: (there’re 2 commonly used methods)

–*Click on “Start” button from the lower left corner of computer screen -> choose and right click on “Computer” to see a pop-up menu -> click on “Manage” to continue -> select “Disk Management” under the “Storage” column of “Computer Management” window.

Accidentally deleted partition Windows 7-1

Tips: users can also right click on “Computer” icon on desktop to show the pop-up menu and then select “Manage” and “Disk Management” in order.

Accidentally deleted partition Windows 7-2

–*Click on “Start” button from the lower left corner of computer screen -> type “diskmgmt.msc” into the “Search programs and files” textbox -> click on “diskmgmt” showing in the result window or just press “Enter” to open DM.

After opening the snap-in disk management tool, users should check whether the disk from which all partitions are deleted accidentally is detected here. If it shows here or even shows in Windows Explorer, win 7 partition recovery can be started.

Tips on Recovering Accidentally Deleted Partition in Windows 7

We suggest users to have MiniTool Power Data Recovery installed in their computer drive, except the one which includes lost partition. Now, launch this partition recovery software for Windows 7 and choose “Lost Partition Recovery” in order to recover deleted partition from Windows 7 hard drive.

Accidentally deleted partition Windows 7-3

After entering the operating interface of “Lost Partition Recovery”, users should select the correct disk and press “Full Scan” to detect and recover partition in Windows 7. This could take a while, depending on the capacity and used space.

When the scan finishes, several possible partitions will be listed in this partition repair tool. Now, users’ task is to open them and look through found data there one by one. At last, please check all your needed files and click “Save” to store them to other partitions.

After all of those were completed, users can format/reparation the disk or just create new partitions on the disk and then move recovered data back there. But remember, you could only do this when you can confirm that all your needed data from lost partitions are recovered.

This is the whole process of how to recover accidentally deleted partition in Windows 7 with Power Data Recovery.