What If We Accidentally Deleted Downloads Folder In Windows 7

Just like files can be easily deleted from computer through a few clicks, folders are also vulnerable. We can remove a folder from computer as simple as deleting a file. Because of that, numerous posts, blogs and articles are related to the topic – how to make up after accidentally deleted Downloads folder in Windows 7. We believe lots of Windows 7 users are familiar with the situation when they’re making a mistake to delete a useful folder without having any backup. Thus, they care much about Windows 7 folder recovery. However, how to achieve that becomes a big problem due to lack of experience and knowledge.

When You Accidentally Deleted Downloads Folder in Windows 7

Users who know a little about Windows 7 system may be aware of the fact that Windows 7 creates a directory containing many folders, such as Downloads, Pictures, Documents and Music, for certain user account. After that, whenever users login Windows 7 with this account and download something from the internet, it will be automatically saved to this Downloads folder.

And the case is that few users have the habit to move Downloads folder to other place according to their needs. What’s worse, some of them even don’t know the existence of this folder. This could possibly cause a serious problem for users if the Downloads folder is somehow deleted accidentally while it contains lots of important files.

If you are also among them who don’t know how to deal with the problem after you accidentally deleted Downloads folder in Windows 7, please keep reading. Here we will lead you to restore Downloads folder in Windows 7 with ease.

How to Carry out Windows 7 Folder Recovery


Firstly, go to check whether the deleted folder is moved to Recycle Bin. (If you accidentally deleted Downloads folder in Windows 7 by pressing “Delete” button, it will be saved here)

Secondly, install and run MiniTool Power Data Recovery to choose “Undelete Recovery” from its main window.

Thirdly, follow the operation tips in each interface to complete restoring Downloads folder in Windows 7 step by step.

Note: if you have move the Downloads folder to another place, you need to choose C drive (system drive) to scan since it is put there by default. If you have moved it, please choose the drive that includes it as target.