As we know, A7 is the latest mobile processor released by Apple Inc.. And the next generation of mobile products of Apple will adopt this processor, too. A7 has been applied to iPhone 5s. With this 64 bit processor, performance of iPhone is enhanced largely.
However, higher processor will take up more internal storage. Therefore, Apple should increases internal storage of Apple products correspondingly. If Apple just reserves 1GB internal storage, a big disaster may come. In addition, with A7 added, battery lifespan of iPhone 5s can be extended a lot. Though battery of iPhone 5s is just 1,570 mAh, it supports 10 hours conversation time, 250 hours stand-by time, 8 hours 3G network browsing, 10 hours video playing, and 40 hours video playing respectively.
A7 contains more than 1 billion transistors, and it makes iPhone 5s become the world’s first mobile phone carrying 64 bit ARM based processor. Apple states performance of A7 is twice faster than that of A6 and 40 times faster than that of the first generation iPhone.
Moreover, there is a co-processor in A7, namely M7. M7 is in charge of dealing with different sensors. Apple shows the 64 bit processor A7 can be compatible with 32 bit apps as well as supports OpenGL ES 3.0, which means iPhone 5s will get better 3D graphic performance.
Some people think 64 bit A7 may appear on MacBook. Actually, OS X has been transplanted to ARM for a long time. If A7 is powerful enough, it may be used to run OS X. A7 can work on wider platform like cloud computing data center and mobile network, not limited on smart phone and notebook computer.

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