A new feature in iOS 5 – iMessage

Do you know the new features of iOS 5 after its release? In fact, among all the new features in iOS 5, iMessage is the most useful one for a lot of users. But what is iMessage? What are the functions of this new feature?

A new feature in iOS 5 – iMessage
As a matter of fact, iMessage is a cross-device network SMS service provided by Apple to iOS 5. The new feature of iOS 5 allows other Apple devices which are not bound to phone number, such as iPad and iPod touch to have instant messaging communications with iPhone. In fact, the use feeling of iMessage is almost indistinguishable from that of ordinary text messages. As long as both sides are using iOS 5 devices, the iMessage will be sent in the form of data via Wi-Fi or 3G network. In this way, the operators are not able to charge users by the number of text messages. This means that iOS 5 device users will have unlimited free SMS immediately. Since SMS is not so popular in Europe and America, SMS costs even higher than phone calls. Therefore, the promotion of instant messaging service, which is provided by iMessage, is very profound.

Functions of this new feature
Compared with SMS, iMessage has more features of instant messaging software. IMessage can not only support the sending of texts, photos, videos, location tags and Address Book entries, but also support group chat as well as the encrypted sending of chat content. Besides, iOS 5 device users can receive “Sent successfully” prompt and “Letter was already read” prompt after setting iOS 5 devices. IMessage is based on iCloud, so users are able to start a chat on iPhone, and then pick it up at any time on iPad.

How iMessage works
When sending an iMessage, iOS 5 device users should select recipient at first. After that, the operating system will automatically detect whether the recipient is using iOS 5 device or not. Once operating system detects that the recipient is using iOS 5 device, which can support iMessage, the title locating at the top of the interface will automatically change from “New SMS” to “New iMessage”. At the same time, the prompt in the input box will change from “text message” to “iMessage” and the color of send button will also change from green to blue in order to prompt users that they are now using the instant messaging service. In the chatting process, the text messages sent by users will be displayed in green bubbles, while the iMessages will be displayed in blue bubbles. After knowing that one user is using iOS 5 device, the operating system will add a blue chatting bubble next to his entry in the Address Book. In this way, iOS 5 device users can easily find the Address Book entries that can support iMessage so as to figure out who they can chat with through iMessage. In conclusion, we can say that iMessage is really a useful new feature of iOS 5.

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