10 tips on keeping iPhone powered for a longer time

iPhone is preferred by a lot of mobile phone users, but the power of battery is sucked very quickly. Here, we give 10 tips on keeping iPhone powered for a longer time.
1. Turn off mail push
If users let iPhone receive mails at any time, power of battery will be exhausted very quickly. Therefore, users can turn off email push and make iPhone search for new data manually. When users

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open a certain app, corresponding data will be sent to iPhone immediately.
2. Turn of Wi-Fi and Blueteeth
When iPhone is out of specific Wi-Fi, it will search for all possibly existing Wi-Fi, thus costing a lot of power. Blueteeth also costs much power. Turn off both of them.
3. Switch off location services
  4. Set notification form
When iPhone receives new notification, screen will be bright so as to arouse users’ attention, consuming power of battery.
5. Turn download screen brightness
Screen of iPhone is quite energy-exhausted. If users want to keep iPhone run for a longer time, they should turn down screen brightness reasonably. Moreover, screen locking time should be adjusted.
  6. Turn off vibration
When there is a call or a piece of message, iPhone will vibrate to alert users. Turning off vibration will save a part of power.
7. Turn off “Raise to Speak” in Siri
The function “Raise to Speak” indeed brings much convenience, but it is quite power-consumed.
8. Reduce items that will be backed up to iCloud
iClond is a quite convenient service. It is able to back up information, mails, linkmen, bookmark, and photos to other iDevices. However, it is a service costing much power of battery.
9. Set time zone manually
Since iOS 5, iPhone is able to search for time zone automatically, which will consume a big part of power of battery. If users are often in a fixed time zone, they had better turn off this function.
10. Turn off background app updates
Letting iPhone downloading updates or upgrading in the background automatically will cost much power.

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